For more than 40 years, I have been enchanted by desert environments. When I was 18 years old and left home for the first time to attend the University of Arizona fine art program, I saw the desert as a magical kingdom – cactus and otherworldly plants, astonishing geology, mystical light, the spaces between things, the clarity of arid air, and vistas of endless horizons. I grew up in the Northeastern U.S., and then lived in many different places: Arizona, Paris, Budapest, Hawaii, and now the high desert plateau of northern New Mexico. Never have I felt more alive or more at home than in the desert. My experiences exploring the deserts and canyons of the American Southwest, as well as journeys to the Atacama Desert in Chile, have intensified this bond. A camping trip to the middle of the Sahara to observe a total eclipse of the sun was transcendent. All of it has affected my art. At this point in my life, after having tried many techniques and voices, I have returned to my artistic and spiritual roots: abstract expressionism and the inspiration of the desert landscape. A lifetime of lessons and personal growth has led me to the realization that the desert holds the mystery of Being for me, and that an intuitive mark or brushstroke can convey the most powerful emotions about place and existence.